What I Like And Want

These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends

VERY NSFW, 18+ ONLY, M/49, Central VA, Tumblr Refuge

Explorer in the further regions of experience
Demon to some, Angel to others

®Certified Blanket Fort Architect

BDSM, consensual non-consent, bourbon, tattoos, motorcycles, and anything else I like and want...
Consent is ALWAYS required for ANYTHING

Yes that's me in the Avi
No I'm not your Daddy

Currently taking ORIGINAL submissions (I will be doing a search). If you ask, I will always keep them private, your submissions are safe with me.

My asks are always open, always up for a good chat or discussion.

I will be blocking completely blank blogs, as well as blocking and reporting pedophiles, pedophilia is NOT a kink!

Check out whotoblock for some other blogs to watch out for.

Some interesting tags you might find here:
#me #mine #funny #bourbon #ask

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